OlMonitor F.A.Q. 1 (for ‘Classic’ version)

  1. I installed the trial and started Smarterm
    but I don’t see the macro! Where is it?
  2. The macro starts to run ok but then has
    an error.
  3. The macro had an error and ended, but now
    no macros will run!
  4. I restarted Smarterm and still macros will
    not run!
  5. The macro was refreshing and hung up, I
    pushed the cancel button but nothing happened.
  6. The macro keeps logging on/logging off
    or continuously gets stuck during refresh.
  7. What is this “log file line count”?
  8. I downloaded the trial but it’s already
  9. I can’t find the .ini file!
  10. I upgraded from my old version (2.88 or
    any prior version) to the new version and lost all my settings!
  11. I’m using a version above 2.90 and lost
    all my settings!
  12. How can I work in Misys and run the macro
    at the same time?
  13. I keep getting these “out of string space”
    errors and I am using Smarterm version 10?
  1. In Smarterm, click tools, them macros.
    In the drop-down list box select “Other”. Then browse, when
    you installed the macro it asked for the location of your
    macros directory, this is where the installer placed the
    macro.  Find the macro and open it.  Run the macro
    entitled “Call_OLMon” </ br>
  2. These errors usually have to do with
    compatibility.  Did you install the correct version
    of the macro?  If the XP version of the macro is run
    on a win9X machine it just won’t work.  Other incompatibilities
    may exist but have not been encountered.  Click OK
    on the error dialog and email back the resulting error file.
    </ br>
  3. The macro engine or object is corrupted/broken,
    try restarting Smarterm. </ br>
  4. This happens mostly on win95 machines.
    The corrupted/broken Smarterm macro engine doesn’t want
    to die, reboot the computer or if it is an option on your
    start menu “close all programs and log on as a different
    user”. </ br>
  5. At some points during the refresh cycle,
    the macro enters a wait state and cannot respond to the
    user interrupt command.  Press control-alt-delete and
    end ALL Smarterm tasks. </ br>
  6. Among the various installations of Misys
    in individual labs, the most apparent differences arise
    around the login process and prompts, as well as the connection.
    Sometimes you can solve this by simply logging on for the
    macro first and then starting it.  However one of the
    goals of this program is to adapt to all the various possible
    incarnations of Misys.  Email me the error log if there
    is one, or if not, turn on error logging and run the macro.
    Then email back the resulting OlProcess log file that can
    be found on the root C: drive. </ br>
  7. During an upgrade of Misys, somewhere
    around 7, the log file shortened by exactly one line.
    The macro automatically corrects for this but cannot change
    the setting.  If, during the refresh cycle, the message
    box displays a message about the log file line count being
    incorrect, change the option within the options screen.
    </ br>
  8. Oops! My bad! Email me and I’ll get
    you a current one in a jiffy! </ br>
  9. With version 2.90 the .ini file has
    been eliminated in favor of using the registry.
  10. With version 2.90 and above the .ini
    file has been eliminated.
  11. For a detailed explanation of working
    with the registry, see the
    Managing Settings
    The macro stores your setting information in the CURRENT_USER
    section of the registry.  If you (or someone else)
    has logged on the pc as a different user you will need to
    log back on to the profile you were using when configuring
    the macro.  PLEASE NOTE: Your IT department may have
    configured Windows to store your CURRENT_USER registry information
    on the network.  In some cases the system may decide
    that your current registry is corrupt and restore from an
    old backup, thus deleting your new changes.  Also sometimes
    during a shared rollout of new software the current registry
    may be cleared.  We lost all of our settings after
    a recent systemwide rollout of Microsoft Office 2003. I
    suggest you make a backup of your settings using Regedit:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BasicScript Program Settings\OlMonitorHighlight this key and choose “File – Export”. A .reg file
    will be generated that can be imported to other machines.
    To import the file copy it to the target machine and double-click.
  12. You can start 2 instances of Smarterm
    and run the macro in one window and work with Misys in the
    other.  If Smarterm keeps running in the same window
    this page will
    show you how to fix your shortcut.
  13. Version 10 has a bug in the macro
    engine, upgrade or download version 10 patch

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