Misys 6.3 update and 2 new features – Ol Monitor v 1.32

Ol Monitor has been updated for some changes in Misys 6.3. Misys 6.3 adds an option to the report menu to include CID data. The three options are None, All, or CID only. This is what the new prompt looks like:
Misys 6.3 prompt.jpg
Starting with Ol Monitor version 1.32 there is a 6.3 option in the Advanced tab in the options: Misys 6.3 options.jpg
If you have Misys 6.3 or above make sure the box is checked. Enter N, A, or C in the text box below.

You can now add another worksheet and/or hospital ID to be monitored. More slots may be added in the future.
To use 2 worksheets or Hospitals’ separate the two with a comma in the worksheet/HID box: OlMon 2 worksheets opt.jpg

Also added support for 10-digit CID numbers.