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Fix for macro Problems pulling OL – WayString feature w/ version 1.3.5

I have just uploaded a new version designed to deal with problems navigating the OL Menu. After you install the new version the new method named “WayString” will be selected by default in the advanced options menu: Allow Smarterm to load and refresh and watch the Smarterm window to make sure it successfully gets through

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OL Monitor with Cerner

Monday, April 30, 2007 Is there any similar functioning OL Monitor for Cerner? Our lab has Cerner Classic, and we are getting Middleware Solutions 8.04 by Roche. I have been wanting for some time, functionality that alerts me when out targeted TAT for STAT samples is approaching or is exceeded. I have actually developed a

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Eric, our site has only ever used function PL-pending log, instead of the function OL. Will your program work with PL, or is there maintenance I need to do to utilize OL? The OL only needs a worksheet to call up. The worksheet can be a group worksheet. Most labs end up creating a special

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