Category: Troubleshooting

Sluggish OL Monitor/Optimizing OL Monitor

After helping a site troubleshoot a problem that came up on one of their pc’s, I have a few tips for anyone who might be having similar problems or just wants to optimize their current installation. Symptoms: – Ol Monitor refreshes once and then becomes extremely sluggish, freezes, and has to be terminated with Task

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SSH upgrade effect on OLM monitor, or: The somewhat convoluted process of getting the SSH password to save.

*Note:  The SSH process has changed in newer versions of Smarterm and this post is very outdated.  Please see this post. Please help.None of our OL_monitors are connecting to Smarterm after a server upgrade.We are no longer using a telnet session in smarterm.We ware using SSH. Remember you should always backup your settings before installing

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Fix for macro Problems pulling OL – WayString feature w/ version 1.3.5

I have just uploaded a new version designed to deal with problems navigating the OL Menu. After you install the new version the new method named “WayString” will be selected by default in the advanced options menu: Allow Smarterm to load and refresh and watch the Smarterm window to make sure it successfully gets through

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