DDE Server error

Thursday, April 12, 2007 12

Hi Eric – I’ve downloaded the trail of VIM and am coming up with the following error.

I am running v8.0 Smarterm. I realize it’s not been tested with this version but do you know if other users have reported a similar error or do you know what this error is caused by? I seemed to be okay then tried to open a new session of Smarterm to view Misys on the same machine.
It seemed to give me problems after that. Do you think this could be related to that and does OLM have to run on a dedicated machine?

Yes normally you should be able to open another Smarterm session and continue as usual… Although OlMonitor can be sort of a screen hog and tends to get in the way. I think it must be due to your Smarterm version. I’m not sure whether 8.0 was affected but 10.0 had a bug in the macro engine that caused errors, there is more info on that in the faq page:
There may be other patches available for 8.0 on the Esker website. Try going to :
There look for the Index.txt file which tells what all the patches are in that directory. The macro patch might fix the problem.