Phantom filters

Monday, May 21, 2007
I have noticed a couple of times (most recently) That if I put in filters one day and come back to the monitor a few days later nothing will show up until I turn the filters off. When I go under the filters, a lot of the ones I built are blank and the ones that actually have things in them, don’t work. Do you know the problem. It doesn’t show any errors, but nothing works until I rebuild the filters again.

Does anyone else have access to the computer you are testing on? It’s very easy(too easy) to accidentally create a blank filter that fouls everything up if you right-click on the patient list which brings up the quick filter dialog. I had one user tell me he fixed this problem by removing the keyboard from the olmonitor computer. A filter that has no name defined or one of the fields is blank can throw off the whole set.

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  1. - Post author

    Please note: this has since been fixed since version 1.2.6

  2. - Post author

    Additional protection from phantom and corrupt filters was added in version 1.4.4.

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