Multiple monitors

I am still working with getting your software into our site. My director is very excited about the possibilities. We have one question that is a sticking point so far. The way our lab is set up, it is in an L shape and we cannot all see just one monitor no matter how big of a monitor we get, so we are looking at multiple monitors. Is there a way for us to display the information on 3 different monitors using just one PC? Our IS department cannot figure this out but I feel that there has to be a way to do this. I think there must be some kind of cable that will split the signal but I am not sure where to look for one. Have you had anyone set their lab up this way? If so, can you get me any information on how this setup was done? We would really appreciate it.

Yes you can get a ‘Monitor multi-plexer’ that would allow you to basically split the output of one monitor to multiple screens. Of course it would be a mirror display, you would not be able to have one thing on one screen and another config on the second. Here is a link to one:,1856,1859&mid=3761 Blackbox is by no means the cheapest vendor, but it was the outfit we used to buy ours many years ago. You could probably do a search on the net for ‘vga video splitter’, on google products for example (formerly froogle), and find many types and prices. You can see pictures in the olmonitor gallery here: