OL Monitor Installation

We have received our software and are in the process of installation. Currently, we are on Misys and utilize Citrix. I am guessing SmarTerm (we have ver 12.1) will need to be loaded as a fat client on the PC we will be using for OL Monitor. I looked on the CD for specific installation instructions, but did not find any documents.
I downloaded the manual from the web, but it doesn’t really state the PC requirements. I also noticed that you have a lot of notes about enhancements and bug fixes. Since our CD was mailed on 7/6, what is the cutoff date for what we will find in the program we purchased?
Any recommendations for installation that you can make will help.

Yes you will need Smarterm version 11 or above installed as a fat client on the pc that will run OlMonitor. OlMonitor needs to launch and control a local installation of Smarterm to work.
When you run OlMonitor you can click help and access the help file or reach the online documentation.
The pc requirements are modest, but are mentioned on the requirements page: http://www.olmonitor.com/requirements.html
As for enhancements and bug fixes, there is no cutoff date. The program will continuously be updated until the next version (2.0) is reached, the current version is 1.27. You can always find the latest version of OlMonitor at:
Secondary link:

This latest version includes an auto-updating function to make it easier to update your installation. However, if you already have an installation running and configured, I still recommend testing any new versions on another pc before installing to the pc you have in use.

Briefly to install OlMonitor:
1. Make sure Smarterm is installed first.
2. Install OlMonitor using the setup program
3. Find out what the Misys server ip is for logging into Misys using the VT420 (roll-and-scroll) protocol. The Misys gui is not used so all you should need is a tcpip address to connect.
4. Run OlMonitor and go into the options screen.
5. Have the online documentation at hand while you setup the options. The options under the Misc tab are the most vital, and they will be highlighted in yellow the first time you setup the program.
6. It is not really necessary to setup the turnaround times, filters, or sorts at this time. Just get the login information and IP setup.
7. Click OK to save your changes. As the countdown gets to 0 the program will automatically start Smarterm, login with the username and password you provided, and pull the outstanding log.
8. After you get some data on your screen you will have a much better idea of what you need to do to filter down to only the data you want to see.