New Years ProcTime fix

Every January 1st after midnight, OL Monitor incorrectly calculates the ProcTime on previous year’s tests due to the fact that the Collect Times and Receive Times appear in the logfiles as month/day only, not specifying year. Year is pulled from log date but on New Years Day (and beyond if tests hang unresulted) this produces a nonsensical negative number. This was pointed out by a member of the Facebook group: “Medical Laboratory Scientists – MLS/MLT(ASCP), AMT, AAB”. (I highly recommend this group for any MLS’s/MLT’s/Lab personnel as it is very informative and entertaining.) As promised, the bug has now been fixed in version 1.90q.



This issue hasn’t gotten much attention in the past since labs with OL Monitor typically get tests turned out lightning fast, but finally one tech was fast enough to catch it.
Many thanks to the group member for pointing out this long-ignored bug!

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