Getting past SSH prompts in OL Monitor macro. “Stringwait has timed out”

Previous versions of Smarterm had a pretty involved series of steps to save the SSH connection password.  This appears to be gone in recent versions and we are presented with a new step in the login process:

So what a lot of people are running into is that the macro will hang up at this point and you start getting errors like
“Stringwait has timed out 4 times. Retrying”, “Loops exceeded, aborting.”, and/or “OL >Report menu loop: timeout”.

The prompt will be different for your server.  The workaround to this is to use the custom prompt/reply feature in OL Monitor settings.  To resolve the issue:

  1. Let the macro run to the point where it hangs up as above.
  2. Copy the prompt text Ex: “<ALAB>@<laklabtemp>’s password: “
  3. Paste the text into the custom prompt box in OL Monitor settings
  4. Type in the password in the custom reply box in OL Monitor settings

The macro should reload with the new settings after about 10 seconds but you may still need to close OL Monitor and restart to get the macro working.

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