Wednesday, June 13, 2007
What, briefly are the requirements and footprint of Ol Monitor. What are the major points in configuring and installing the program?

Here are some specs:
Program installer: 6.31 MB
Optional Sounds (in wav format):
Compressed: 12.6 MB
Uncompressed: 24.1 MB

Pentium 200 MHz or greater
Smarterm 11.0 or higher
Admin or power user permissions to install and configure
Regular users should be able to run the program fine, they may have difficulty changing settings depending on where the settings are stored: see: http://www.olmonitor.com/ManualM/window_3_6.htm for detailed information.

Installation is a straightforward Windows program setup.

See link above for options on where settings are stored.
Settings can be exported to a .reg file for importing into the registry.
Settings can also be saved to an .ini file. The .ini file must be located in the OlMonitor folder in program files.
An install script or batch file can be written to deploy the program to each workstation. A default configuration can be applied before or after the install in the form of an exported .reg file that can be executed. Or an .ini file can be copied into the OlMonitor folder. If you plan to use an .ini file by default there is a line in the OlMonitor.stw session file that needs to be changed to instruct the program to use the ini file. So along with the .ini file you should also copy a modified OlMonitor.stw file to the same folder.

The majority of problems that people encounter are:
Program works fine during installation and initial configuration by user with admin rights, but when a user with restricted permissions attempts to use the program they have problems. The program needs to constantly read and write from the registry or alternatively the .ini file. The ‘all users’ section of the registry can be read or written by admins but not restricted users.
Most Misys users who are familiar with the ‘roll and scroll’ vt interface are aware of what needs to be entered to logon to the system, but they may not remember the ip address or shortname to the Misys user. User is prompted for the ip after 30 seconds by default if it is not already saved. This item cannot be skipped over.