Version updates

Are there additional fees that apply to upgrade to new versions or patches?

There are no additional charges for UpDates to your current version or patches. Typically a software version change would require a new purchase (I.E. upgrading from Win98 to WinXP or Max OS9 to OS10). To make a version change the software has to have added a significant number of new features or have accumulated enough small feature updates to warrant a version change. But I think the question you are asking is whether you will be charged for updates, the answer is no. For example if you have an issue that we work through and it requires a change in the code and an update, this update is free. The update will change the make number (ie version 1.27 becomes 1.28) but not the version. This update will also be available to anyone else. For another example, I recently added an auto-updating feature to the software. This is a very useful feature but it is also just an update, it bumped the make number from 1.26 to 1.27. Now any 1.X license holders are free to update to that version.