OL Monitor Installation

Where the settings will be saved: From reading the manual, and based on the fact that we are a Citrix site, I had to have a PC administrator install the software since I do not have administrator privileges on most PCs (I can get them for a particular PC, if needed, but have to make a special request) it appears that it would be best to save the settings to the Ini File. has indicated that she has problems with where her settings are saved and this has caused her some problems.
Login, etc: I have set up a specific user MONITOR, OL in Misys with a tech code and a login, and only one function–OL. I have also defined a group worksheet–OL. Is there anything else that needs to be defined in Misys?

Hi again, to answer your questions:
1. I don’t have any direct experience with installing and running over Citrix. I would expect that you would have more success using either the ..ini file or the current user setting. The ‘All Users’ section of the registry will most likely be completely off limits. ..ini file: I have no idea how Citrix will handle this setting. If it reads and writes to the server it may be that all your settings are shared between users. On the other hand, it may not work at all. ‘current user’: This has the most chance of succeeding, most programs need to read and write from the user portion of the registry to function, so surely Citrix has taken this into account. The only problem is that whenever a new user logs on, he/she will start out with the default settings. To get around this you can export your settings and have the user or a script import those settings when logging on.
2. You should probably have admin privileges to setup the program settings. For day to day operation you can have a power user logged on. But anytime you want to change a setting you may have to logon as admin again.
3. Login etc: no that should be it! As you experiment with the filters you may find you can add more things to the group worksheet and use filters to fine-tune what displays.
4. Read this only if you encounter weird problems: Inter-program read/write restrictions. I made this term up. Basically in some hospitals one program is not allowed to write any information to the folder of another program. IE, OlMonitor writing to the Smarterm directory and vice versa. Since the .ini file is in the OlMonitor directory it can be a problem when Smarterm can’t write to it. Usually any program can read from another folder, but writing may be restricted. If this happens, OlMonitor may not be notified when Smarterm can’t logon or needs to notify you about an error. Smarterm may hang and you may get some ‘sync error’ messages. More importantly, OlMonitor may not be able to send the macro codefiles to the Smarterm folder. This is a show-stopper and recently I had to show one site how to manually copy these files into the folder.