Error in RegWrite

Last Thursday, I guess our OL Monitor stopped working. I wasn’t at work when it happened, and have been away for a week. The person who initially installed the program tried to uninstall and reinstall but didn’t have PC permission to install. When I called our IS dept today for permission to reinstall, there was a part that it said it couldn’t uninstall but my Tech said go ahead with the new reinstall. Now I keep getting an error and it won’t run. The error is as follows:
“Error in: RegWrite # :-2147024891 Invalid root in registry key
“HKLM\Software\BasicScript Program Settings\OlMonitor\Status\MessageBar”
WshShell.RegWrite 0/0
I can’t get past this error. I click OK and it keeps returning again and again. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. We do have OLMonitor currently up and running on a different PC and it is working Great!. It’s just this one PC that won’t work.

The uninstall is important, lately I have noticed the main program file sometimes does not get replaced if you don’t uninstall first. This may or may not be the problem. The root BasicScript key is actually installed with Smarterm. Is this program installed? It is important to have admin permissions when installing and setting up the program. After reinstalling with admin rights if you still have trouble you can try using a different location for your settings instead of the registry. If you can load the program and get past the errors to the options screen, you can select ‘ini file’ as the location under the ‘Misc’ tab. This may clear up any problems accessing the registry. If this does not work follow the steps on the troubleshooting page:
To generate a problem report for me to look at click help from the program menu and choose ‘generate problem report’. If this is a problem with your settings, which are not removed on reinstall, see how to modify the settings manually here:
After you backup your settings you can try deleting the registry keys and restart the program to let it load with the defaults.